Product Details CHROMO CIRCLE

CHROMO CIRCLE is a quality full of possibilities and therefore quite rightly finds its place in almost all imaginable indoor areas. The quality can be manufactured both as a laid and a fitted carpet. Also, CHROMO CIRCLE only reaches its limits of resilience at a late stage due to the machine tufting process and the use of polyamide yarn. Thus, the quality is well suited for high-traffic areas such as corridors, but is also often used in guest rooms.
In terms of design, even particularly detailed creations can be realized precisely, because during manufacturing a white carpet is first produced onto which the design is printed afterwards. This not only makes it possible to use a large range of colors in the design. It also allows production to start from small minimum quantities as there is no need to dye a minimum amount of yarn.

All you need to know Technical Information

Material 100% polyamide

Manufacture Machine tufted, printed

Carpet Type Wall-to-Wall | Area Rug

Minimum order quantity 300 SQM

Resilience High traffic

Hospitality - suited for: Bar, Conference Room, Corridor, Guest Room, Lobby, Reception, Restaurant, Walk-In Closet

Office - suited for: Common Area, Corridor, Meeting Room, Office Space, Reception, Waiting Room

Home - suited for: Bedroom, Children's Room, Dining Room, Hallway, Living Room, Walk-In Closet

Retail - suited for: Changing Room, Showroom, Store

Outdoor Use No

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