Overview LIGEA® Carpets

Custom design Bespoke carpet qualities

The ligea Bespoke Carpet Qualities offer a wide range of production techniques and materials on which our designers bring your vision to life. Being free to follow your own idea in the design process and being creative without limitations, allows you to create carpets that are unique and will become a highlight in your interior design project.

custom carpet for high traffic area in conference hotel

Collections Carpet collections with fixed designs

The LIGEA Collections contain a wide range of carpets to enhance the floors of your project, without the time-consuming phase of design and product development. The design variety in our collections offers great opportunities to perfect your project with carpets that fit seamlessly into your sophisticated interior design.

Since ready-made collection carpets are more budget-friendly and can be obtained in a shorter period of time, they are an excellent alternative to individually designed carpets.

carpet tiles in beige and yellow for high-traffic seating area

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