TAILORED BRICKS are a different kind of flooring. Instead of being produced on roll or as fitted carpets, TAILORED BRICKS embellish the floor of your office over a large area by being joined together like tiles, one next to the other. Although TAILORED BRICKS are already one of ligea's most durable qualities due to their machine tufted production from polyamide yarn, the carpet's multi-part composition makes it possible to easily replace individual tiles should this ever become necessary. With TAILORED BRICKS, the design of the floor adapts completely to your imagination. Depending on how you design the individual tiling and how they are arranged during installation, either small-scale repeating patterns or completely new interesting structures are created when the carpet tiles are laid offset or rotated...
Our TAILORED BRICKS are available in different sizes.

All you need to know Technical Information

Material 100% polyamide (solution dyed BCF)

Manufacture Machine tufted

Carpet Type Wall-to-Wall

Minimum order quantity 2000 SQM

Resilience High traffic

Hospitality - suited for: Bar, Conference Room, Corridor, Guest Room, Lobby, Reception, Restaurant, Walk-In Closet

Office - suited for: Common Area, Corridor, Meeting Room, Office Space, Reception, Waiting Room

Retail - suited for: Mall, Store

Outdoor Use No

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