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Planning and Timing


Author Kristin Holderbach

Date August 05, 2021

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When it comes to furnishing a new hotel or to finding a fresh look for a renovation, choosing the right carpet for your guest rooms can be a bit of a challenge.

While it is mostly clear what type of furniture you need per suite, double or single room, you might want to know how to choose the right carpet as well. The carpet often determines the overall atmosphere of a room. Not only does it impact the first impression of a hotel; it also has a direct influence on the well-being of the guests.
After working on your carpet layouts, the colours, materials and manufacturing techniques, which we talked about in part one of this article, the project gets closer and closer to being completed. Here is part two of our expert tips on how to make the perfect flooring choice – focusing on planning and timing aspects in your project handling.

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4 – Test your carpet design in a mockup room

Nothing speaks as clearly of the feeling the guest rooms will exude to their inhabitants as the room itself. So the best way to make sure everything fits perfectly and turns out exactly as you planned it, is to create a mockup room. Fill it with all the furniture and decoration you selected and let the interplay of colours, forms and materials work its magic. Let the overall impression sink in and decide whether you are satisfied with the guest room or what you would like to change.

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Take the point of view of a newly arrived guest and imagine if you would feel welcome spending your vacation or business trip in this mockup room. Also while furnishing the mockup room, visit it at different times of the day to see how the colours and materials you selected work during different lighting conditions. Does the mockup carpet match the other interior elements? Does it support the visual and haptic experience of the guests? Is it the right size and pile height to fit smoothly under movable elements like doors, wardrobes and chairs?

5 – Stay on schedule

Keep in mind that the whole process of choosing the perfect carpet for guest rooms can take a considerable amount of time. From finding the perfect design or creating a new one, choosing the right materials and ordering manufacturing samples to getting the mockup ready can pass a couple of months.

Even before placing your final order, you might want to have time left to change idea a couple of times and try out different samples to find the best possible version for your perfect guest rooms. After you took your final decision, bear in mind that delivery time vastly depends on the manufacturing technique, colour complexity, sizes and above all number carpets you need to equip your guest rooms.
Last but not least, don’t forget to include the time spent on unpacking and potential installment works, when you are planning your guest rooms.

Whatever your vision, we at ligea® are here to help you make it reality. We are experts in the field of contract flooring and can support you in every step on your journey of planning the perfect guest rooms.

Let’s get in contact and start your next project!

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